You want to regulate the temperature of a building, a room, or a living space to provide occupants with stable, pleasant ambient air and guarantee their well-being.


To create or maintain in a room or vehicle, a set of determined conditions of temperature, humidity to contribute and enhance well-being.

Why create the conditions necessary for comfort in a building?

The reason is simple to comprehend: buildings are designed and constructed to accommodate occupants. Their comfort, quality of life and productivity depend essentially on the environments they create. . The criteria for comfort are well known: temperature, light and indoor air.

This function adapts the environment (temperature and humidity) to the working conditions of the staff.
Staff comfort is indirectly linked to the level of operational safety. Working in an environment with unsuitable climatic conditions can lead to risks of “human error”.
It is important to note that the comfort aspect is often in conflict with the safety functions. . The main cause of this conflict is leakage from the premises. The negative pressure in a room can nullify the air treatment sizing requirements.

Comfort temperature for humans