Air diffusion using textile ducts guarantees temperature uniformity in a production room without creating discomfort for personnel. This performance is essential for product preservation and worker well-being.

Agri-food issues

Staff comfort

Air displacement diffusion solutions designed by Aéro Textile Concept guarantee zero air velocity in work areas. In addition, maintenance operations are optimized by the simplicity of de-installation and installation, the compactness of the ducts when deflated and folded for storage, and the easy traceability of the ducts.

Packaging of sensitive foodstuffs and products

The calibrated orifices of the textile ducts are oriented according to the constraints of residual air velocity and product temperature maintenance. In the event of high bacteriological risk, the technical fabric can be treated with an antibacterial primer. What’s more, all sheath components can be detected by UX by their color and composition (ferrite snap hook, RAL 5005 blue webbing, etc.).

Ventilation and treatment of premises

The induction effect moves large volumes of homogeneous air to combat process heat input. The technical composition of the fabric adapts to a wide range of environments and products (high humidity, volatile substances, cleaning products, etc.).

Food Safety

Textile ducts dedicated to the food industry can benefit from a complete air system cleaning program. This minimizes clogging. Each textile duct is also tested for bacteriological content before shipment, after installation, and before and after each wash.

The specificities of the agri-food industry

Hygiene Condensation Odor treatment Zoning Sensitive process cooling Temperature maintenance Combat calorific intake

Airnéo Blue®

The 100% detectable sheath

Aéro Textile Concept has developed and manufactured a washable, 100% detectable textile air diffusion sheath that meets the requirements of food production, processing and storage premises. This range Airneo Blue® is IFS-compliant. Each element is traceable or identifiable. Fully washable and controllable by microbiological analysis. Support accessories are stainless steel.

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