Choose textile diffusion

Aéro Textile Concept’s products are designed, developed, and manufactured in close collaboration with our clients. We specifically consider every constraint, norm, and requirement related to a space, a profession, or a particular use. Aéro Textile Concept is committed to all air diffusion projects that require the technical expertise of our engineering office, the unique know-how of our manufacturing teams, and the responsiveness of our maintenance and cleaning service. Discover our two custom product ranges, Airnéo® and Surface®.

10 reasons to choose textile for sustainable air diffusion in your spaces

For over 30 years, Aéro Textile Concept has been offering optimized and sustainable air diffusion solutions for all types of air treatment applications. Our mission is to master air diffusion and ensure aerodynamic performance. We design, manufacture, and maintain air ducts and textile diffusers.

01. A tailor-made solution

The air diffusion through textile ducts and diffuser panels provides perfect air distribution (temperature uniformity, destratification, etc.) and enhances human comfort by controlling air velocities and temperatures.

Each order undergoes an aerodynamic study to meet the needs of your end users.

02. Uniform Air Distribution

Aéro Textile Concept relies on three diffusion principles that allow versatile and adaptable use:

  • Radiant: for low-velocity air diffusion through a porous fabric surface
  • Impulse: for medium or high-velocity air diffusion through micro-perforated strips
  • Energy: for high-velocity air diffusion through calibrated orifices

03. Compliance with standards

The textile ducts and textile diffuser panels comply with the regulations and fire classification standards in force in each country. The textile design also allows for the integration of various technical innovations: fabrics with different weights, coatings, special antibacterial fabrics, antistatic fabrics, etc.

04. Customized colors

The textile ducts and textile diffuser panels can either:

  • Become invisible and blend into the space by conforming to the structures and opting for neutral colors.
  • Become a true decorative element by playing with decorative colors or printing personalized patterns.

05. Lightweight products

The textile duct and textile diffuser panel are low-maintenance, lightweight, and durable products. These products can be manufactured to the desired size and are easy to disassemble and ship to Aéro Textile Concept for maintenance.

06. Materials classified M1

The M1 standard corresponds to the current European regulation for flame retardancy in upholstery fabrics and helps protect users in case of fire.

07. Adaptable products

The Airnéo® textile ducts and Surface® textile diffuser panels are designed to be easily disassembled. They adapt to all constraints of the premises (architecture, layout, structure) and are suitable for all types of air treatment. They are scalable and modular products over time.

08. Limitless imagination

The Airnéo® textile ducts and Surface® textile diffuser panels offer a wide range of materials, colors, shapes, and support systems. It is now possible to customize textile ducts and panels through our digital printing service. Our products provide a vast array of possibilities and allow for endless creativity.

09. Durable products

The Airnéo® textile ducts and Surface® textile diffuser panels are cleanable, disassemblable, and recyclable. In addition to aerodynamic performance, this increases their lifespan over time and reduces their environmental footprint.

10. Unmatched versatility

The Airnéo® textile ducts can be used to distribute air in a variety of situations and places such as industrial settings, public establishments (ERP), agri-food industry, logistics buildings, tertiary sector, etc. The Surface® textile diffuser panels are recommended for suspended ceilings in the tertiary sector but also seamlessly integrate into public establishments with more open ceilings, such as restaurants and sports halls.

10 reasons to choose the quality of products designed, manufactured, and maintained by Aéro Textile Concept

Aéro Textile Concept is a French and independent industrial company, a pioneer in the design, manufacturing, and maintenance of textile ducts for over 30 years.

That’s why our Airnéo® and Surface® product ranges are widely approved by thermal and fluid engineering offices, refrigeration and air conditioning installers, heating engineers, and cooling specialists worldwide. The expertise of Aéro Textile Concept and the sustainable quality of our products are recognized in France and abroad.

Choosing Aéro Textile Concept products ensures having a superior quality air distribution system tailored to the requirements of your users.

01. A customer-centered approach

We seek to understand the needs and aspirations of each client by constantly adapting our products. We strive to anticipate your needs to enhance your overall experience and offer a product that perfectly matches your expectations.

02. Respect for our commitments

We control the entire production chain: from the project draft to the manufacturing in our workshops. Thanks to this, we can commit to agreed-upon deadlines, the durability of our products, and our selling prices.

03. Technical expertise

Each project is unique and requires specific expertise to analyze and recommend the right solution. Aéro Textile Concept has a structured and experienced engineering office with a smiling team ready to assist you.

04. Guarantee of aerodynamic performance

The sizing of an air diffuser by Aéro Textile Concept is the cornerstone of the proper functioning of an air treatment installation. That’s why our priority is to guarantee you optimal aerodynamic performance.

05. The textile manufacturing workshop

We have a modern and spacious workshop of 1000m² where 100% of the manufacturing is done. Our machine park is efficient and automated. It complements the manufacturing process of our textile ducts and diffusion panels, which is fundamentally based on the expertise of our team of experienced seamstresses.

06. Proximity

Our sales team is at your service, always close to you, and always ready to commit alongside you to best meet your needs with a focus on performance and customer satisfaction. It’s the service culture of Aéro Textile Concept for over 30 years!

07. The quality and flexibility

A well thought-out, well-designed product made from suitable and durable materials is synonymous with performance for your installations. For this reason, we commit to adhering to deadlines and ensuring the durability of our products.

08. Innovation and support

Our listening skills combined with the technical expertise of our design office allow us to innovate and support you from prototype to post-installation monitoring.

09. Made in France

A production facility located in Brignais, Rhône (69), to provide you with products made in France. Cocorico !

10. A International dimension

Our sales team supports all air distribution projects in France and around the world. We export our products to all continents. Aéro Textile Concept also has an agency in Mexico that supports all projects in South America, the United States, and Canada.