Textile architectures for defense

Textile ducts designed to operate in extreme conditions, providing comfort for people working in hostile environments.

Challenges for military structures

User comfort

The textile sheaths used in tents for the armed forces are dimensioned to improve occupant comfort by guaranteeing temperatures and minimizing the sensation of draughts.

Broadcast performance

Air is diffused through microperforations, producing a high rate of induction and enabling reversible operation in extreme conditions where, as in the desert, day-night temperature variations can easily exceed 20°c.

Ease of use

Easy to transport, assemble and dismantle, the lightweight textile sleeves are particularly suitable for ventilating a tent in a linear fashion.

Health and safety

This solution is designed to be dismountable and cleanable for hygiene and airborne contamination control. The choice of technical fabrics facilitates maintenance, washing and repairs, allowing multiple uses.

The specific features of flexible military structures

Reusable Modular Simple Light Comfort Transportable Temperature management Rugged Easy installation & maintenance Fire-rated

Packable® Airnéo

For easy assembly and disassembly

Aéro Textile Concept has developed and manufactured the air diffusion duct

Airnéo Packable


air distribution ducting for environments with severe climatic constraints (tents, shelters, etc.).

Airnéo Packable®

is a product designed to facilitate humanitarian interventions and peacekeeping operations. The quality of diffusion improves conditions for occupants, but the value of this textile sheath lies in its ease of transport and installation.

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