Logistics & storage

Guarantee uniform temperature gradients to ensure the preservation of stored foodstuffs.

Challenges for logistics platforms


Separate storage areas from areas where the presence of staff requires a very high quality of diffusion (packaging, order preparation).

Broadcast performance

Air is diffused through large perforations, producing a high induction rate. The diffusers are perfectly suited to treating air at very great heights and without any risk of stratification.


The advantage of diffusion by textile duct is that it does not trigger the sprinkler heads by limiting the air speed to 0.5 m from the water diffusion nozzles.


Most logistics buildings are equipped with sprinkler-type fire protection systems. The malleability of these materials means that textile ducts can vary in size and, in the event of a fire, guarantee any form of water retention by not obstructing the projection of sprinkler heads. Textiles are certified and comply with fire classification regulations.

Airnéo flex®

To adapt to warehouse safety constraints

Aéro Textile Concept has developed and manufactured a range of Airnéo Flex® units which project air at very high speed and limit its size by linking its operation to fire protection. Airnéo Flex® meets the needs of logisticians in terms of safety constraints and stock management in areas where temperatures are controlled to guarantee the storage of perishable goods under certain conditions.

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