Shops & Supermarkets

Guarantee controlled air diffusion at all points of the sales area, thanks to an economical and aesthetic diffusion system.

Challenges for shops


Limited air movement by controlling air speeds in checkout areas while heating or air conditioning the rooms.

Broadcast performance

Homogeneous diffusion by induction to operate in heating, cooling, and reversible mode. Linear air distribution to treat the entire room.


Ventilation in rooms open to the public is highly regulated. It must comply with fire classification standards and be fitted with alarm and warning devices. Ventilation in public places is generally provided by an air renewal system that also includes air conditioning.

Health and safety

Reliable, regular, and uniform ventilation that ensures good indoor air quality and contributes to the public health and safety aspects of these places.

Shop specific of shops

Air renewal New air Comfort Temperature management Energy savings Aestheticism

Airnéo Easy®

Treated air with no dead zones

Airnéo Easy® is a product that meets the specific needs of commercial structures. It must correspond to simple turnkey concepts that can be duplicated for the layout of a park or commercial franchise and meet the comfort requirements of occupants and the standards of these buildings open to the public.
This ducting guarantees good air quality inside these commercial sites. Driven by the health crisis, it contributes to the well-being of visitors and reinforces the health and safety aspects of these places.

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