Shapes and colours of textile ducts

Whatever the type of display,Aéro Textile Concept met à votre disposition 3 principales familles de formes de conduits textiles. The choice of geometry depends above all on the size and shape of the ceilings where the networks will be installed, and the aesthetics required.

Circular ducts

They are preferred wherever ceiling heights allow.

Semicircular ducts

They are laid flat against the ceiling using a system of PVC profiles. They are mainly used for comfort cooling. They may be recommended where ceiling heights are limited. The space saving compared to a circular unit with equivalent airflow is estimated at 40%.

Quarter-circle ducts

These ducts are configured at ceiling/wall junctions when installed horizontally, or at wall corners when installed vertically.


Textile sheathing can become “invisible”: it can blend into the background of the room by following the pattern and opting for neutral colours. In other cases, it can become a decorative element in its own right, using bright colours or printed fabrics. The Airnéo® range offered byAéro Textile Concept includes a wide range of standard colours and special orders can be made in non-standard colours.

Customised branding

Thanks to the new printing technologies available today, customised branding is now possible: a printed logo or a visual of your choice. So, the textile duct becomes a medium for promoting your brand image!