You need to renew the ambient air to evacuate humidity and pollutants linked to the occupation of buildings in order to guarantee the hygiene of the premises and the health of the occupants.


The action of ventilating a place, bringing in fresh air and thus renewing previously stale or polluted air.

Why ventilate a room?

Ventilation in a building allows the indoor air to be renewed or purified. The purpose is to provide sufficient fresh, clean air, the healthy air needed by occupants and essential for the building to breathe.

There are two ways of ventilating a room:

  1. 1. Naturally. Air infiltrates and circulates under the effect of air speed, temperature differences and pressure differences. For example, by opening or closing windows.




  2. 2. The air is forced through an air handling unit, channelled through distribution ducts, and forced into a room.

The role of ventilation in industrial and tertiary processes

1. Comfort

Management of conditions on staff (temperature, air speeds, sensation).
Application with an Airnéo textile duct by Aéro Textile Concept:
Air conditioning the production line of an industrial workshop. The purpose of the air treatment is to maintain a comfort temperature of 21°c +/- 1°c in the area occupied by the workers.

2. Packaging

Management of temperatures, hygrometry, and air speeds on products.
Cooling and maintenance of a temperature in a meat maturing cold room. The purpose of the air treatment is to cool and maintain the meat at a given T° just after slaughter. Meat is then preserved in optimum conditions before consumption.

3. Purification

Filtration of dust-classified air via the air renewal rate.
Renewal of the air treated by the air handling units in a clean room or laboratory. The purpose is to keep the level of undesirable particles under control according to the class and hygiene standards in force.

4. Containment

Concentration of air flows / pressurising or depressurising a room.
Application with an Airnéo textile duct by Aéro Textile Concept:
Supplying air and creating excess pressure in a food packaging room to prevent pollutants from external or internal sources from contaminating foodstuffs.


Air renewal and mixing rate.
The renewal of air in a heavily occupied building such as in the tertiary sector is imperative to maintain a correct level of oxygen in frequented spaces. Good ventilation evacuates the carbon dioxide produced by occupants.

6. Surveillance

Organisation of air diffusion and its movements.
In certain industries, sewage treatment plants or treatment baths for example, certain atmospheres can be very dangerous for humans. For the safety of employees, it is essential to measure the various gases and pollutants present and to set them in motion in order to direct them towards the air filtration devices and avoid any accumulation.