Maintenance & Cleaning

Aéro Textile Concept takes care of your textile ducts

Cleaning Frequency

Regular maintenance of textile air ducts allows for cost savings and increases the lifespan of equipment.

All our diffusers come with a cleaning manual specifying the procedures to follow and the products to use. Most products are fully machine washable, but others may require hand washing. In general, and unless otherwise specified, we recommend cleaning textile ducts at least once a year, especially before any marks or blockages become apparent. Aéro Textile Concept offers a washing protocol adapted to:

The specific application

The type of diffuser

Characteristics of the premises to be treated

Upstream filtration

All our diffusers come with a cleaning manual specifying the procedures to follow and the products to use.

Maintenance Service

Aéro Textile Concept offers a quick washing service for textile ducts of all brands. For this, they must be sent prepaid to our industrial laundry in Brignais (France – Rhône 69).

Upon arrival, textile air diffusers are sorted and then washed without coming into contact with products from other sources.

After drying, they are meticulously inspected for possible defects and repaired if necessary.

Precautions to be taken before shipment:

Never ship a damp duct

Separate the sections from each other by detaching the zippers

Never seal plastic bags in which the ducts are stored tightly

Pack the duct bags in a cardboard box and place it on a pallet in case of significant weight

Attach the shipping label

Washing Service

Aéro Textile Concept is committed to the quality of the maintenance of your textile ducts and offers the following service options according to your needs:

Inventory of received ducts









Folding and packaging

Marking and identification


All these operations are carried out based on a program established in partnership with a cleaning product supplier. The timing and quantities of products are calculated based on the condition of the ducts and the type of fabric.

Maintenance Service Offering

To maintain the performance of textile ducts

The key is to ensure the cleaning of textile ducts or diffusers before any soiling or blockages can be observed, thus ensuring hygiene, air quality, and maintaining their operational efficiency. Regular maintenance of your textile air distribution ducts is crucial for maintaining the aerodynamic and climatic performance of your installations. This service allows:

Cost savings

Increased lifespan of your ducts

Optimization of the quality and hygiene of your manufactured products and the blown air

ATC supports you in maintaining all types of ducts, from all origins, to guarantee the performance of your air distribution networks, and offers various additional service packages.

Repair & Modification Services

Restoring instead of replacing

To extend and ensure the use of your textile ducts, Aéro Textile Concept provides repairs and modifications for your textile ducts. Sometimes, ducts may be damaged on-site during maintenance or handling operations. To avoid the complete replacement of textile ducts, Aéro Textile Concept offers a diagnostic and refurbishment service (repairing snags, tears, reinforcing seams, changing zippers, replacing carabiners).

Upon receipt, they are washed to prevent any contamination in our manufacturing workshops, and then our technicians either repair or modify your ducts. This way, the network can, as much as possible, adapt to the changes in your premises at a lower cost.

Spare Parts Package Offering

Maintaining continuous operation

This offer is recommended for continuous process applications that operate without production stops. It also ensures the renewal of existing networks. Providing a set of spare ducts allows you to duplicate an installation and, for example, establish a turnover for duct maintenance. This way, any extended downtime of the air treatment system is avoided, and the manufacturing process can continue with optimum efficiency.

Decontamination Service Offering

Performing bacteriological analysis checks

In order to ensure perfect operating conditions for controlled contamination rooms, Aéro Textile Concept has designed and implemented a duct decontamination service intended for use in rooms where air quality is essential. Aéro Textile Concept can offer microbiological checks (commonly referred to as bacteriological checks of textile ducts) and provide detailed analysis reports before and after washing.