Textile ducts designed to improve market gardeners productivity and maintain the desired greenhouse temperature for year-round cultivation and optimized production yields.

Challenges for agricultural structures

Lightness and ease of use

Textile ducts are very light, so there is no stress on structures because the suspended weight is very low.
Maintenance operations are optimised by the simplicity of de-installation and installation, the small storage space required and the easy traceability of the ducts.

Broadcast performance

The air is diffused through linear perforations, enabling the greenhouse to be heated rapidly from the first metre to the last. This distribution of heating not only saves energy, but also ensures that the entire volume of the greenhouse is treated quickly and evenly.

Controlled ventilation

The textile ducts are calibrated so that they can be used in heating mode in winter and in ventilation mode the rest of the year.
Ventilating a greenhouse helps to renew the oxygen supply and prevent the development of disease and mould.

Health security

The textile ducts designed by Aéro Textile Concept can be dismantled and cleaned to ensure perfect control of hygiene and airborne contamination. The choice of technical fabrics facilitates maintenance, washing and repairs. But above all, this guarantees the longevity of the textile sheath.

Les spécificités des serres

Heating Ventilation UV management Temperature management Simplicity Lightness Energy saving

Airnéo Light®

For ventilation without blocking out light

Aéro Textile Concept has developed and manufactured the Airnéo Light® range of air diffusion ducts for garden greenhouses and agricultural structures. Translucent or transparent, these ducts stand out for their ability to let light through and optimally ventilate the volume of a greenhouse. This Airnéo light® range is the perfect response to the challenges of energy savings and productivity for farmers.

Discover the Airnéo Light® range