For ephemeral spaces, air diffusion using 100% washable and reusable textile ducts is an advantage in terms of eco-responsibility, durability, and economy.

Challenges for event projects


A high induction air diffusion system that brings large volumes up to temperature quickly and very steadily, for the comfort of users. This induction phenomenon is highly effective in combating, for example, high input levels linked to the number of participants.


As long as they are used in the same way, the textile ducts can be reused for other events. The modularity of the standardised, labelled sections makes it easy to install and remove the textile networks.


This solution is perfectly suited to marquees and tents, thanks to the lightness of the networks and air diffusers, which do not overstress the structures. The principles of diffusion make it possible to combat the very high heat loss of flexible structures.

Health and safety

The technical fabrics used by Aéro Textile Concept have certifications and fire classifications adapted to the standards and regulations in force for marquees, tents, and structures (CTS) and establishments open to the public (ERP). They comply with fire standards.

Specific features of events

Reusable Modular Simple Light Comfort Well-being Easy to assemble and maintain Fire-rated

Airnéo Kit®

A range available in standardised kits.

Airnéo Kit® is a range of textile air networks developed and manufactured to meet the constraints of the events market or one-off events (trade fairs, sports events, shows). Modular, simple, lightweight, fire classified and reusable, Airnéo Kit® complies with the CTS (Marquee Tent Structure) standard and the standards of energy suppliers. Each section is identified and interchangeable. This makes it easy to build, store and identify parts.

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