The Airnéo® range meets the simplest as well as the most complex requirements in terms of air diffusion. The products in the Airnéo® range are based on the technical characteristics and use value of the fabrics used. To this end, we work closely with our partner manufacturers of technical fabrics.

Textile ducts for healthy, long-lasting air distribution in spaces

Textile air ducts or diffusers are made-to-measure products used to diffuse or transport treated air from one point to another, according to precise technical criteria. Their unique design, using light, resistant, cleanable, and customisable materials, guarantees users and installers a reliable, high-performance installation.

Why choose an Airnéo® textile duct?

Because it all starts with the design

The entire Airnéo® range and its component products are made-to-measure, in 100% textile materials chosen for their properties (resistance, flexibility, fire-resistance or porosity), but also for their aesthetic appeal (transparency, printing, coding). Airnéo® incorporates a wide range of shapes and colors right from the design stage.

Because we guarantee the aeraulic performance of your installation

Air diffusion using textile ducts ensures perfect air distribution (uniform temperatures, delamination, etc.) and increases the comfort and safety of people and property by controlling speeds and temperatures.

Each order is the subject of an aeraulic study to meet the requirements of the end users.

Aéro Textile Concept is committed to guaranteeing the aeraulic result.

Because compliance with regulations and standards is very important to you and to us

Textile ducts comply with regulations, in particular the fire protection standards in force in each country.

Textile design also makes it possible to benefit from all the technological innovations that go well beyond standards: special antibacterial or antistatic fabrics, fabrics with different grammages, special coatings, etc.

Because we really think about installers

Textile ducts are light, strong and easy to handle.

Airnéo® textile ducts are designed for easy dismantled. They can be adapted to the constraints of all types of rooms, in all shapes and adapted to all types of air treatment. These products can be upgraded and modified over time.

What are the different types of air diffusion?

Diffusing air requires a clear understanding of the objective to be achieved in each space. Aéro Textile Concept offers 6 air distribution modes to suit different applications.

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Are we talking about shapes and colours?

Whatever the type of diffusion, Aéro Textile Concept offers you 3 main families of textile duct shapes. The choice of geometry depends above all on the space required, the shape of the ceilings where the networks will be installed, and the aestheticism required.

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How to choose the right textile?

Textiles are an essential part of air diffusion. Its porosity, structure and weight define the type of diffusion and have an impact on the aeraulic result.

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Which suspension systems?

Textile ducts are compatible with several types of support systems. The choice of support system depends on a number of criteria: the shape and cross-section of the diffusers, construction constraints, supply, and installation costs.

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Discover all Airnéo® products

The Airnéo® range meets the simplest and most complex air diffusion requirements. Each product in the Airnéo® range provides a specific solution for an identified use, based on the type of diffusion, the shape of the textile duct and the technical characteristics of the textile.

Airnéo Event®

Airnéo Event® is a textile air network developed and manufactured to meet the constraints of the events market or one-off events (trade shows, sporting events, shows…). Modular, simple, lightweight, fire classified and reusable, this duct meets the CTS (Marquee Tent Structure) standard and the standards of energy rental companies. Each section is identified and interchangeable, making it easy to build, store and identify parts.

Airnéo Food®

Aéro Textile Concept has developed and manufactured washable air diffusion ducting; 100% detectable and meeting the constraints of your food production, processing, and storage rooms.

Airnéo Market®

Airnéo Easy® is a product that meets the specific needs of commercial structures that have to meet the comfort requirements of occupants and the standards of buildings open to the public.

Airnéo Lab®

Specifically developed for use in laboratories, these ducts must meet particularly high air quality requirements.

Airnéo Sport®

Airnéo Pulse® provides reliable, regular ventilation. By adapting insufflation, it limits the appearance of odours and humidity, for clean, pure ambient air for occupants.

Airnéo Defense®

Aéro Textile Concept has developed and manufactured the Airnéo Packable® air diffusion duct for use in tents, shelters, and environments with severe climatic constraints.

Airnéo Farm®

Aéro Textile Concept has developed and manufactured the Airnéo Light® air diffusion duct for use in garden greenhouses and agricultural structures.

Airnéo Stock®

This type of duct meets the needs of logisticians who have to meet safety and stock management constraints in environments where temperatures are controlled to guarantee the storage of perishable goods under certain conditions.

Airnéo Factory®

Airnéo Efficiency® guarantees improved working conditions, better performance, and energy savings, giving manufacturers a very rapid return on their investment.